Technology for Everything

Technology is everywhere these days.  It’s not just in phones and tablets, but in all kinds of other devices.  There’s so much innovation going on right now, and technology is being applied to more and more things that have never had it before.  That being said, I’ve selected three cool products that really stand out.  These are certainly good products, but more importantly, they are unique, innovative ones.  Smartphones came first, but pretty soon, all kinds of things will be smart.  Things like what, you ask?  Here’s my three picks.

Runtastic Libra Smart Scale
1.  Runtastic Libra Smart Scale
Price: $116

What is it?
This scale doesn’t just measure weight.  It also measures body fat, calculates BMI, and syncs via Bluetooth.  It seems everything syncs via Bluetooth these days (especially health related devices).  I think this is a good thing, partly just because I’m a nerd and I love a good graph.  But honestly, I’m not sure the fancy visualization is always the point.  Sometimes, just getting that data in front of our faces, and often, is enough to drive it through our heads.  The more we think about something, the more likely we are to act upon it.

94Fifty Smart Basketball
2. 94Fifty Smart Basketball
Price: $249

What is it?
This basketball is chock full of sensors.  As you shoot, it analyzes your shots.  When you’re done, you sync with your phone via Bluetooth (see what I mean about Bluetooth?).  This data allows you to improve your shooting skills, no expensive training coach required.

Nest Smart Thermostat
3. Nest Smart Thermostat
Price: $249

What is it?
Sure, most thermostats can be programmed, but does your thermostat learn?  When you change the temperature at the same time several days in a row, the Nest remembers.  It figures out your schedule – when you wake up, when you go to work, etc. – and remembers your favorite temperatures for each time.  The Nest can tell when you leave the house as part of its goal to save you energy by only using heat and air conditioning when you need it.  More importantly, it strives to make reaching that point as hassle-free as possible.  The Nest also allows you to control it with your smartphone.  Say you’re coming home from work early, and you want the Nest to warm up your house early too.  A few taps later, and you’re ready to come home to a toasty house!  ••


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