What’s On (And In) My Desk

Two weeks ago, Jason Snell, one of the hosts of the Clockwise Podcast that I love so much, bought a new Retina iMac.  He then posted a picture of it on his desk.  Apparently, some people had been very interested in what Jason Snell had on his desk!  After the internet analyzed the photo, Jason actually made a post about it himself, detailing everything there.  Just for fun, I thought I’d do the same.

So what’s on my desk?  Not much really.  Right now, there are two solitary objects on my desk: an electric pencil sharpener, and my MacBook.  I like having a clean desk so that I have room to spread out with whatever work I’m doing.  Despite the barrenness of the top of my desk, there are many, many other things in my desk, so I’ll include those as well.  My desk has four drawers; two of which are pivotal to the work I do there.  The long drawer centered under the desk is half a useful drawer, half a junk drawer.  The thing I use most out of there is paper.  I use a lot of lined notebook paper for homework, so I keep some stockpiled.  I also keep my external hard drive and some USB cables in there.  Finally, there’s a mint copy of a local newspaper from the day I was born, which is super cool, even though it doesn’t really apply to my workflow.

The other, smaller drawer is where the magic happens.  This drawer is fully stocked with pens and pencils, as well as a graphing calculator, sticky notes, ruler, protractor, scotch tape, flashlight, erasers, scissors, highlighters, Sharpies, and a stapler.  The goal here is to never have to leave my desk for supplies while I’m doing homework.  Generally, it works pretty well for this.

In addition to my desk, I also have my backpack that I take to school with me.  This is like a mobile command center version of my desk, with everything I need to do homework from just about anywhere.

I’ve got one final plot twist to throw in here: I actually have another desk as well.  The desk I just described in the one in my bedroom, which I use most of the time (especially since I got my laptop).  My other computer, a Windows 7 desktop, is at another desk downstairs.  I share this desk with my brother, so there’s really not room on it for much more than my monitor, mouse, keyboard, and USB hub.  There’s also a shelf above, but that’s so full of junk I won’t even try to describe what’s on it.  ••

My (very clean) desk

My (very clean) desk

Update 11/22/14: I moved my nice desk chair upstairs from my desk downstairs.  I got the chair last winter, I’m not sure why I didn’t move it up earlier.

My "new" chair

My “new” chair


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