Always Connected: Part 1

Most people live in a world where their devices are online 24/7.  My life is slightly different.  I don’t have an iPhone, just an iPod touch, so I don’t have an internet connection everywhere.  To be fair, I have WiFi at home, church, and school, so that covers most of my life, but not all of it.  My iPad works the same way.  It’s just a WiFi model, and most of the time, I don’t even leave the WiFi on.  Even though I use my iPad fairly frequently, I end up turning the WiFi off when I’m not using it to save battery.  Long story short, most of the time my devices are not connected to the internet.

This has interesting ramifications.  A while back, I downloaded an app called Writing Aid.  It’s a dictionary app, with an nice, simple design, but the real reason I downloaded it was for the word of the day widget.  I’m a huge fan of Today View widgets in iOS 8, and a word of the day seemed the perfect fit for this category.  However, the widget doesn’t always refresh correctly.  I’ve seen other people review the app without talking about these issues, so I’m guessing the problem comes from my lack of connectivity.  On an iPhone, the widget can just refresh every 24 hours, since it always has internet.  What seems to happen on my device is that when 24 hours are up, it tries to update, but can’t.  When this happens, it seems to just give up for that day and try again the next.  This is a pain for me, but most people simply don’t have this problem, since almost everyone has an iPhone these days.

As you can see, our society doesn’t just operate while always connected, it has come to expect that we operate while always connected.  I seem to be the outlier here.

But not for long.

Yes, I have ordered an iPhone (on eBay, more on that experience in a future post), and it should be here very soon.  Now that I too will be always connected, I expect that my habits will change quite a bit.  In a few weeks, I will write Part 2 of this post and detail how that all plays out.  Now I just have to figure out how much I can get out of my old iPod on eBay…  ••


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