“The Far Side” Name Generator

Hey everyone!

Just a short little post here to detail my latest project: a name generator for Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” comic strip.  My brother and I love the names Gary Larson uses throughout his iconic comic strip, so we build a name generator.  It includes every name from every Far Side book we have, and we’re working on adding what we’re missing.


I originally wrote it quickly in C++, and I wanted to just post that, but I forgot C++ is a compiled language instead of an interpreted one, so you can’t put it in a webpage.  So then I spent several more hours figuring out how to write it in HTML and JavaScript, and then hosted it on GitHub Pages (WordPress.com doesn’t allow JavaScript in pages they host).  As annoying as it was to write the whole generator over again, it was honestly good experience for me to work in HTML (which I had barely worked in before) and JavaScript (which I had never worked in before).

This project is posted on a new page I’ve just added to the blog: Other Projects.  This will be the place for the name generator as well as anything else interesting I do on the internet in the future.  Enjoy!  ••


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