Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard: Thumbs Up

Years ago, I wrote about how I no longer bring my laptop to school with me, I just bring my iPad.  At the time, I also bought a cheap ($13) Bluetooth keyboard.  That keyboard turned out to be almost unusable, dropping the connection constantly.  I didn’t end up needing it much, however, so I never bought a new one.  This semester, however, I’ve got a lot more time between classes on campus, so I decided to pick up a new keyboard.

amazon basics keyboard.jpg

Image Credit: Amazon

I’ve selected the Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple Devices.  I’ve always been really happy with the Amazon Basics brand, and this product is no exception.  It works great, it’s comfortable to type on, and the price is right: $20.  I definitely recommend this product.

I also made an accessory for my keyboard.  My old keyboard, after being left in my backpack for months, had lost its ‘M’ key.  I wanted to protect my new keyboard, so I sewed a padded carrying sleeve for it.  Now I can be productive on my iPad – in style.  ••


7 thoughts on “Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard: Thumbs Up

  1. This is really cool and super creative. It could be interesting to see if other people like it? Who knows, you might be able to turn this into a little side project and sell keyboard protectors for people that often take their computer with them.


      • You could always try a quick test. Set up a landing page, tell some friends – see if anybody buys. You never know, it could catch on. I remember a while back, I read about two people that made a calendar for themselves (just because they wanted it with specific designs) – then they had all of these extras left over. So they put a quick website with a “buy button” and people we’re buying it and loved it. It ended up turning into a small million dollar business.

        Tried to look for the article to show you, but can’t seem to find it : (

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