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staring at phones blog profile picture logoHello, and thank you for reading Staring at Phones. What on earth does that mean? I love tech. I love to use tech, learn about tech, and I love to stare at people’s phones. Everywhere I go, people are texting, tweeting, and playing games on their phones. It fascinates me to learn what kinds of phones people use. At all kinds of places: restaurants, friend’s houses, church, I stare at people’s phones. There’s no real reason. I’m not trying to snoop on them or really learn anything important, I’m just interested in technology.

I started writing about tech in early 2014. I posted weekly for almost two years, but then school got the better of me and I was forced to stop posting so regularly. After almost a year long hiatus, I’m gonna try to start posting regularly again. My new focus is summed up in the site’s new tagline: “Apps to Make Your Life Better.”

Have an app suggestion, feedback, or just want to say Hi? I’d love to hear from you! I respond to all messages I receive. Drop me a line on Twitter @NickFoster56, email me at staringatphones@icloud.com, or fill out the contact form below. ••

About Me

casual-google-profile-pictureMy name is Nick Foster. I’m a college student, currently attending Southern Polytechnic State University (now a part of KSU) here in Marietta, GA. I’m studying Electrical Engineering. I’m currently involved on campus doing research into solar panel maximum power point tracking, and our team hopes to publish a paper towards the end of 2017. I’m also involved in the Aerial Robotics Competition team. If you’re looking to hire someone in the EE field as a summer 2017 intern, please contact me! My interests include automation, renewable energy, and robotics. You can find me on LinkedIn.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar and following the Apple news cycle and community. I’m also trying to get my feet wet with iOS development using Swift. In addition to my writing, any info on apps I publish in the future will be here on this site as well. ••


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