Stand Hours App – Privacy Policy

Personal info

Stand Hours collects information about how many steps the user has taken from the Apple Health app on the user’s device. No other personal information is collected.

How we collect info

Stand Hours pulls steps data from the Apple Health app using Apple’s HealthKit API. This is only done after the user authorizes this collection during Stand Hours’ tutorial.

How we use info

Steps data is analyzed to determine where the user has earned a “stand hour,” i.e. any hour during which the user took at least 100 steps. This data is stored within the app.

This data can also optionally be sent to the Apple Health app. This is only done after the user authorizes this during Stand Hour’s tutorial or from the settings screen.

No personal information is ever uploaded or stored anywhere than on the user’s device in the Stand Hours and/or Apple Health apps.

When we share info

With the exception of sending “stand hour” data to the Apple Health app, the user’s info is not shared with any party, including us.

How we store info

The user’s info is stored exlusively on his or her own device. This info is stored inside the Stand Hours app until the user deletes the app from his or her device. When the user deletes the app, iOS prompts the user to either keep or delete data that Stand Hours has sent to the Apple Health app.

COPPA Compliance

In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, no personal information about children under the age of 13 is ever collected outside of the Stand Hours and/or Apple Health apps (as was previously stated, the same is true for users over the age of 13). Parent’s rights: See the section “How we store info” above for instructions on how to remove all Stand Hours’ data from your child’s device.


Change Log:

12.31.17 – This privacy policy was created.

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