Stand Hours – My First App!

I’ve been reviewing apps here for a long time, but today I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ve made an app of my own! Being an iOS developer has been a dream of mine for years, and I’m very proud of the app I’ve made. Please go check the app out and send me feedback on features you want added!

Stand Hours app icon Stand Hours – Download Now!

Stand Hours is an app I created that helps you live healthier by sitting less and moving more throughout your day. If you work at a desk (like me), or are in school and spend lots of time doing homework (also like me), this is an easy way to become just a little bit healthier each day. Getting up and walking around for even just one minute (at least 100 steps) during an hour counts as a stand hour.

Stand Hours reads your step data from the Health app, which means it works with any fitness tracker that supports Apple Health (including the iPhone’s built-in pedometer).

Stand Hours also gives you hourly reminders throughout the day to get up and move around.

In addition to reading steps from Apple Health, Stand Hours can (optionally) export your stand hours to Apple Health. Yes, Apple Health has a metric called “Stand Hours,” but that can only be used by the Apple Watch. Instead, this app can store your stand hours as ANY activity metric in Apple Health – such as an empty one that you don’t use. It’s a great way to see this data in the Health app, even if you don’t have an Apple Watch!

You can use the form below to submit feedback, request features, or report bugs. This app is still in early stages, so if you’ve got a feature you want added to the app I’m all ears! Thanks for checking it out.

You can view the Stand Hours’ privacy policy here. TL;DR, all data in the app stays on your device, we don’t collect or sell it in any way.
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“The Far Side” Name Generator

Hey everyone!

Just a short little post here to detail my latest project: a name generator for Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” comic strip.  My brother and I love the names Gary Larson uses throughout his iconic comic strip, so we build a name generator.  It includes every name from every Far Side book we have, and we’re working on adding what we’re missing.

I originally wrote it quickly in C++, and I wanted to just post that, but I forgot C++ is a compiled language instead of an interpreted one, so you can’t put it in a webpage.  So then I spent several more hours figuring out how to write it in HTML and JavaScript, and then hosted it on GitHub Pages ( doesn’t allow JavaScript in pages they host).  As annoying as it was to write the whole generator over again, it was honestly good experience for me to work in HTML (which I had barely worked in before) and JavaScript (which I had never worked in before).

This project is posted on a new page I’ve just added to the blog: Other Projects.  This will be the place for the name generator as well as anything else interesting I do on the internet in the future.  Enjoy!  ••